Welcome to Resilient Reiner: Your Guide to Excellence in Western Riding

Hello and a hearty welcome to the Resilient Reiner newsletter! I'm Nicole Burnett, your guide and mentor in the exhilarating world of western riding. Reiners Week isn’t just a newsletter; it’s a gateway to mastering the mental aspects of riding, catering to all western riders who seek to elevate their performance.

Why Resilient Reiner?

In the diverse world of western riding, the spotlight often shines on the physical skills, leaving the mental game unaddressed. That's where Resilient Reiner steps in. This newsletter is dedicated to filling that gap, offering insights, strategies, and resources focused on mental performance coaching. Whether you're a reiner or engaged in other western disciplines, the principles of mental strength and focus are universal.

Our Mission

At Resilient Reiner, we're committed to empowering you with the knowledge and tools to enhance not only your riding skills but also your mental resilience. We cover a wide range of topics, from the latest industry news and events to practical tips on training and horse care, all through the lens of mental performance. It's about creating a community where every western rider, regardless of their level, feels supported and equipped to reach their full potential.

Meet Nicole Burnett

At the heart of Resilient Reiner is me, Nicole Burnett. With over twenty years of experience in both English and Western riding disciplines, my journey has been fueled by a deep passion for horses and a commitment to excellence. My expertise extends beyond the saddle - as a mental performance coach and the voice behind the Resilient Reiner podcast, I bring a unique blend of practical equestrian knowledge and psychological insights.

In addition to the newsletter, I run The Mental Gym for Western Equestrians, an exclusive 30-day intensive coaching program. This small group format is designed for riders who are serious about leveling up their game. Enrollment opens every two months, offering a transformative experience for those ready to embrace their full potential.

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