10 Unmistakable Signs You’ve Leveled Up As a Rider - New Podcast Alert! 🤠

Are you wondering if you're really improving or just floundering? 

What if I told you that these messy, uncomfortable moments are actually signs that you're leveling up??!

Today, we’re diving into the messy, exhilarating process of leveling up as a rider. Improvement isn’t always pretty, and it often feels like everything’s falling apart right before the breakthrough. But how do you know you’re on the right path?

In today's episode, we explore the journey of personal growth and transformation in horsemanship. I'll share clear signs that indicate you're progressing, even when it feels like you're regressing. From losing confidence to questioning your path, these experiences are not setbacks—they're stepping stones.

I'll help you recognize and embrace these challenging yet rewarding phases. You’ll gain insights into maintaining your drive, reconnecting with your 'why,' and pushing through the toughest moments to emerge stronger and more skilled.

So, if you're ready to understand the hidden signals of your progress and turn your rough patches into growth opportunities, tune in. Your journey to becoming a more confident, competent rider starts here. Don’t miss out—let’s navigate the chaos of leveling up together!

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Ride with confidence,


Mental Coach & Founder, Resilient Reiner

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